un Magazine 11.2 OUT NOW




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The latest edition of un Magazine is out now.

Issue 11.2: LAUGH NOW, CRY LATER is edited by David Capra, with sub-editor Amelia Winata.

un Magazine 11.2 is now up on the website. The print edition of un Magazine is distributed and available for free at galleries and outlets across Australia and internationally.

"I’ve been stuck on a quote by comedian and filmmaker Mike Nichols who is behind Postcards from the Edge and The Graduate. He said in an interview that the most interesting thing to him was the silence between punch lines, the vacuum between the laughs. I think that really influenced the decision to run with the theme of this edition of un magazine." - David Capra

Featured artists and writers: Spencer Lai, Kate Mitchell, Kieren Seymour, Chiara Scafidi, Zara Sigglekow, Fresh and Fruity, Sean Rafferty, Malcolm Whittaker & Lucy Parakhina, Alistair Baldwin, Joel Stern, Carrie Miller & Andrew Frost, Sarah Werkmeister, Giselle Stanborough & Athena X, Simon Zoric, Daniel McKewen, Sarah Rodigari & Ella Sutherland, Tim Woodward, Aurora Scott, Kalinda Vary, Archie Moore, The Karrabing Film Collective, Tina Havelock Stevens, Vanessa Berry, David Attwood and Susan Te Kahurangi King.


Image: Matthew Harris
Sunset Sparkle (2017)
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
Image courtesy the artist